All world running back Christian McCaffrey could

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wholesale nba jerseys (Walking away and saying that you need some time to think on something; saying that you’ll need to call someone back a little later; simply expressing that you do not know how to, or care to, respond to what was said.)Some barriers? (Despite the obvious, that emotions and ego jump in the way):Lack of interest on our parts to hearing what others want and need to sayInsecurity, fears, prejudicesThinking on the pastFocusing on the person and not the content (message)Inflexibility and resistance to viewpoints different from your ownLack of gratitudeFocusing only on your own pain and difficultySome things that might help?Reflect on your feelings about the message. Are they getting in the way of your thoughts?Ask for a clarification when neededAsk the other person what it is that they would like from youFocus on points of connectionFor the best talk possible, keep in mind: you don’t have to forego integrity to have empathy, and you don’t have to be aggressive to get your words heard and respected.Talking to Others: How to Be Empathetic EffectiveLisa A. MilesLisa A wholesale nba jerseys.

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