Board of Elections Director Gary Sims said the

A tie shouldn’t be seen as less satisfying than typical outcome. Two teams play, usually one is better, but sometimes they’re equal. No big deal. Asked why his response under pressure was to blurt out the word Smith replied: we were filming the show, there were multiple questions where all they talked about was sex. I was already hot wired to potentially give that answer. I just needed the time and the space.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china This week, the office groaned under the twin stresses of record mail voting and the pandemic.On Thursday, workers in yellow vests and masks sat at folding tables spaced apart in a county warehouse, affixing address labels to envelopes and then putting the ballots inside. Board of Elections Director Gary Sims said the pandemic presents new challenges for the workers, including staying spaced out and using hand sanitizer as much as possible.”We’re already at over three times the amount of requests that we’ve ever had in its entirety in an election. So that’s caused us to change some of our business processes,” Sims said.The increase in interest has come with an increase in partisan division.The GOP has historically dominated North Carolina mail voting, but this year the people asking for the ballots are not generally Republicans. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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Me be clear: My son Beau, who volunteered to go to Iraq, was not a sucker, Biden declared, pounding the podium. Men and women who served with him are wholesale nfl jerseys from china not suckers, and the service men and women he served with, who did not come home, are not losers. Back and forth was a final flash point in a week that demonstrated much broader challenges for the candidates and voters alike in 2020..

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