El presidente Donald Trump expres sus condolencias

‘At the end of the second week we just said, it, it not worth it. And stopped,’ she said. ‘It wasn really a tough decision because we just couldn do it. Climate change is it really happening, does smoking give you cancer, of course, it is and it does. The naysayers on climate change would argue anything at any time just for the sake of being an ass. In the scientific world there is no wondering is it happening and is man a big part of the problem, not my opinion but fact, it is happening and we are a big part of the problem, with no real solution..

This is called misdirection. For example, you drag a coin off the table and into your lap but the spectator thinks that it’s still in your hand. Then you put the coin into your other hand (misdirection). These experts can also help in eDiscovery if so is your requirement. EDiscovery, as you may be aware, is the finding out and presentation of digital evidence in a court of law. Without expert assistance, it is not possible to present this data and even if it is presented, the court of law may refuse to accept it.

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