He had brief interactions with Hall of Famer Darrell

Jack Del Rio strode to the front row of the packed auditorium inside Redskins Park on Thursday and started shaking hands. He had brief interactions with Hall of Famer Darrell Green and current running backs Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson. He found a seat to the right of Hannah Allen, the wife of defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, who sat to her left and chatted with his new defensive coordinator..

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“It won’t surprise many people this year as far as the pace and what they do,” Philadelphia safety Malcolm Jenkins said of his team’s offense as he stood on the field after Friday’s practice. “But it’s still unusual. Until the rest of the league does it, it’s still something that you have to prepare differently for when you play the Eagles.

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While he is not ready to return quite yet, Tony Romo looms large over Week 6’s proceedings in a different way. Long regarded as the franchise quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Romo has missed all of this season after breaking his back in the first quarter of the Cowboys’ first preseason game. That provided an opening for rookie Dak Prescott to seize upon the starting job and he has done precisely that..

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It [stinks]. But it’s a short week, fortunately for us. We get to look at this one real quick, throw it away and move on to our rivals.”. The Cowboys seem to have righted the ship with two straight wins, perhaps ending (for now) any talk about Coach Jason Garrett’s future with the team. They would move into a first place NFC East tie with the Redskins with a victory, which also would even the season series at one game apiece. Like Washington, Dallas isn’t all that explosive in the passing department: It, too, has just four passing plays of at least 40 yards.

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