How to become a better Dj

How to become a better Dj

As in everything on this planet, practice makes perfect and this principle applies also when it comes to DJing. No matter how talented you are you still need to always to be willing to learn in order to get better and…more famous.

Don’t hesitate to DJ in public as DJing is a public skill. Take a deep breath and don’t be ashamed to start with your family and friends, as DJ-ing on your own simply means practicing.

It might not always sound great, but it’s important to listen to yourself so it’s a good thing to always record your mixes.  It’s also very helpful to learn phrase matching. As music typically happens in “phrases” of 4, 8, 16 or 32 beats then repeats, you need to be able to line up these phrases for a more musical mix.

This must sound familiar, but share your mixes so that anyone, anywhere can listen it. Use the social media to share your work and set up very targeted jobs for yourself: one mix a week/one mix a month. Try to stay committed to the plan.

Train yourself to listen to other DJs critically and ask yourself as many questions as you can to get a clear image on other’s people work.

Keep a notebook and write down tunes you want, mixes you like, new ideas, mixes that don’t sound great, mixes that make you proud of yourself. Read it from time to time and apply the ideas.

Well, this might sound familiar to you, but practice as much as you can, as often as you can. It it’s your call, you’ll find the way and the time and the better you’ll get at it.