However, Mr Blanquer told RTL radio that all schools

A third of children in France returned to school on May 11, with social distancing guidelines enforcedThere has been no significant increase in coronavirus infections after schools in 22 EU countries were reopened, EU education ministers heard at a video conference on Monday.After the meeting of ministers, Blaenka Divjak, Croatia’s minister, told reporters in Brussels most of the schools had only been open for a fortnight.”We are at the beginning of reopening of the education system in Europe,” she said, “in our discussion today, we have examined various related organisational and safety aspects.””So far we haven’t heard anything negative about the reopening of schools but it is probably too early to have final confusions about that,” said Ms Divjak, who chaired the meeting because Croatia holds the rotating six month presidency of the EU.Seventeen EU countries have allowed children to return to kindergarten, primary and the last years of secondary schools. Twenty countries in total allowed children to take exams in other ways than traditional.Ms Divjak said that ministers around Europe said the reopened schools were not functioning in normal conditions. There was very close cooperation with health ministries, epidemiological services, teachers and parents and classes were much smaller.”What has been emphasised very strongly is that these schools have very guarded conditions like smaller groups than in normal classes, usually groups of around 15,” she said.However, France has had to close about 70 schools where new coronavirus cases were found just a week after they reopened, its education minister said on Monday.Jean Michel Blanquer, the French education minister, acknowledged that the return has put some children in danger of new contamination, as a debate rages in Britain and worldwide over the risks of sending children back to school.However, Mr Blanquer told RTL radio that all schools with Covid 19 cases were being closed immediately.

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