“I ripped it when I got in the car,” he said

Pour Carson Brire, l’exprience ressemblait ceci. Avec mes parents, a parlait beaucoup franais, confirme t il. Sean Couturier a habit chez nous, et avec lui, on parlait anglais. We have an entire gallery that’s just wild outfits only Westbrook could wear. It was, maybe, a little much even for Westbrook underboob, Russ? so he tried to pass the blame onto his son, Noah. “I ripped it when I got in the car,” he said.

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I couldn wait until they played either San Antonio or the Texas Stars because then it would be much easier to for me to see him play. He was called up to the Arizona Coyotes very briefly right before my sister and I were going to see the Roadrunners play against the San Antonio Rampage, another team we loved. We started to worry that we would miss our chance when he got sent back down just in time to make the trip to Texas.

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