In fact, they shouldn’t really be spoken of out loud

What wasyour reaction tothe NCAA’s NIL proposal?There have been a variety of reactions to the recommendations, from general appreciation of amove toward increased athlete rights to concern about the specific logistics when it comes to recruiting and the use of agents. Coaches and student athletes were more positive in their assessments of the situation thanschool administrators and lawmakers, who were split in their talks with Sporting News on whether the current NIL proposal goes too far or not far enough. North Carolina has been part of acounter movement against the NCAAasking legislators around the country to put enact laws that would enable group licensing for student athletes but nothing else for all intents and purposes exactly the opposite of what the NCAA board of governors desires..

This is not the first time professional football players have gotten together to make a bold statement about racial inequality. One prominent example took place in 1965, when 21 African American players refused to play in the American Football League all star game if it was held in New Orleans a city then angling for its own football franchise because of the discrimination they faced there in the week leading up to the big game. The protest, which white players supported, forced officials to move the game to Houston..

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