She consequently became radicalized upon meeting

Kochiyama’s politics were deeply influenced by her imprisonment in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. She consequently became radicalized upon meeting Malcolm X. She built relationships with those engaged in Black struggles including defending political prisoners, but also worked with other groups such as Puerto Ricans in their struggles against police violence, for better schools and dignified housing for all working class communities..

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The Washington Post and The New York Times followed up with their own sources confirming Trump dismissive comments about POWs and slain soldiers. Poe told USA TODAY Wednesday that a white woman appeared topurposefully swap her American flag face mask for a Blue Lives Matter mask once realizing her seat assignment was next to Poe, a Black woman. Blue Lives Mattersupportspolice officers andis a counter movement to Black Lives Matter, which aims to eradicate white supremacy and has organized nationwide protests in response topolice violence against Black people.

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