The Oahu Division was won by Jill and Taylor Hileman

Every human being needs energy in order to live and work. If you lack energy, you will not be able to move about let alone performing your daily routine duties. As it is said in physics, energy is the ability to do work. On Tuesday, I looked at Chris Christie’s crumbling hopes for 2016, as reflected in recent scandal developments on three fronts. I followed up with a look at how Marco Rubio and Rand Paul both showed signs of stumbling in different ways. These stories could easily be expanded to include the entire GOP field.

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wholesale nba basketball HOLLIDAYSBURG The Scotch Valley Country Club recently held its 2020 Ladies Invitational where five different divisions crowned champions as part of a Hawaiian theme. Bolden and Sally Fletcher won the Maui Division (70). The Oahu Division was won by Jill and Taylor Hileman (81), and Roz Sky and Tobi Rispoli captured the Kauai Division (84). wholesale nba basketball

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