The Packers seemed to be expecting more

“McCaffrey, he’s a jack of all trades. I think you’ve got to be able to use him creatively in your passing game. That’s where, to me, he is the best. Fletcher started experimenting more in front of cameras in the final years of his career, and he said it was easy to choose media over coaching, at least for now. He started reading the sports page in junior high and continued to read voraciously about the league as an adult as a player, he would read about all 31 teams except his own. He continued to follow the NFL closely in the months after he retired; “Iwas doing it anyway,” he noted; “now I just get paid to read about it and talk about it.”.

Williams already is talented, but can get better. He uses his athleticism and ability a lot, but could become more technically sound, and Callahan should be able to help there. It’s important to keep in mind that despite all the positives, Callahan alone will not fix the Redskins offense.

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Of more impact, Trea Turner (.377) and Juan Soto (.367) lead the majors in batting average. They may provide the equivalent of the Soto and Anthony Rendon back to back combination in future lineups. In his past 154 games entering Tuesday, including October, Soto has jumped a level as a slugger, with 44 homers and 121 RBI as well as a.304 average..

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“They [the Eagles] came down to Dallas and won the game in Dallas fair and square,” Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett said late Sunday night. “That’s what happens in this league. And we felt like coming out of that game when we did things the right way, when we did things technically the right way, when we were fundamentally sound, we did a good job stopping them and moving the football.

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wholesale jerseys The Green Bay Packers quarterback wasinjured when, after releasing the ball on an incomplete pass, he was dropped to the turf by Anthony Barr of theMinnesota Vikings. The Packers seemed to be expecting more, tweeting that he could miss the rest of the season. That’s the worst news for the team and for the NFL, which has seen a number of injuries to stars of late. wholesale jerseys

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