The Post’s new poll found similar partisan divisions

“Dude. That’s all part of the deal. We all dealt w those injury issues and most of us could only dream of being in a situation as good as his w the Colts. By early Tuesday afternoon, 72 cases of landlords going after past due rent and other costs arrived in district courts in Northampton County. At the same time, Lehigh County had 193 new cases, led by District Judge David M. Howells Jr.

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In today’s NFL, players, more so superstar players are what fans come to see. No more is the game a team game, it’s more of a game to come and see hard hitting, drama, and superstars. Guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis and other “stars” are now what makes the game.

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Nobody got hurt. It’s over with. Let’s move on.”. A 2014 ESPN poll found that 89 percent of Republicans supported keeping the name, while only 58 percent of Democrats did. The Post’s new poll found similar partisan divisions among Native Americans; 36 percent of Democrats said the word is disrespectful to Native Americans, compared with 16 percent of Republicans and independents. As if we didn’t already have enough things to argue about..

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