These remarkable new planet discoveries are based on Consequently, education is the foundation of the architecture of development and prosperity. It is a well established fact that developing countries around the world need to sow the seeds of education to enjoy its fruits in the near future. These countries look to more developed nations to lend a helping hand as they strive towards a brighter future..

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Having a sleep in, not doing the housework today, paying someone else to do the housework this week, having your nails done, or your hair done, or going out for a cuppa, or reading a new book, or buying a nice outfit, going to the beach for a swim. There are literally millions of things that you can do, that cost no money at all, that can nurture you. You see when you nurture yourself also, then remember the baby will sense that change in your energy, sense that calmness, that harmony, and that joy, and respond to the change in a favorable way..

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